Alternative investments we have successfully offered to market in recent years include:

Special Situations Municipal Bond Fund

  • Illiquid primary and secondary trades in U.S. municipals
  • Catalyst-driven and credit-upside approach
  • 10-year track, evergreen fund and three drawdown vehicles

Esoteric Structured Credit Fund

  • Fundamental valuation focus driven by securitization expertise
  • Investing in pre-2008 vintage CDOs and CLOs, mainly MBS
  • Closed to new capital since 2015

Rail Car Leasing Fund

  • Managing a diversified portfolio of 13,700 railcars in North America
  • Depreciation generates highly tax-efficient income
  • Evergreen fund structure with quarterly distributions and yearly liquidity

Systematic Global Macro Fund

  • Managed futures strategy across multiple assets
  • Beta-neutral, driven by value, carry and momentum factors
  • Acquired by a large asset manager in 2015

Blockchain Focused VC

  • VC fund focused exclusively on blockchain technologies
  • Investing in company equity and cryptoassets
  • $150M Fund IV closed in 2018
  • Early investors in Coinbase, Ripple and Kraken

Consumer / Retail PE Fund

  • Founded by preeminent figures in luxury consumer goods
  • Targeting early to mid-stage growth brands
  • Strategically valuable networks drive deal flow at discounted valuations

Micro Satellite Launch Company

  • Led by former SpaceX insiders, backed by Sequoia
  • Developing a revolutionary, low-cost rocket for micro satellite launch
  • Anticipated to slash wait times and costs of launch

Growth Company in New Media

  • Groundbreaking live music streaming site
  • Significant position taken by prominent private equity firm
  • Personal investments from strategic industry figures

Precious Metals L/S Equity Fund

  • Long-short in small to mid-cap metals and mining companies
  • Deep fundamental research by expert geologists and engineers
  • Persistent outperformance, closing to new capital

Real Estate

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